Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8th Notes from the Senate

By Senator Ronnie Chance,
16th District


Maybe it was a little anticlimactic since the Governor lowered the Revenue Estimate at the end of May and assessed agencies 25% of the June allotments, but the May revenues are in and while certainly not positive, are actually about 6% under the worse case scenario envisioned a week ago.

Revenues for the month of May were down 14.4% overall or some $211.7 million down from May of 2008. Individual income tax collections were down 21.2% continuing a consistent negative trend. May Sales taxes were down overall $181 million or 20.2%. Of that, local sales tax collections were down $173 million, so most of the loss occurred in local collections. Motor fuel taxes were down an additional $23 million for both excise and sales taxes. Corporate income taxes were down about $10 million.

So, Year-To-Date figures continue to disappoint and cause that sinking feeling. Overall, revenues are down over 10% or $1.5 billion dollars for the first 11 months. Individual income taxes are down 11.0% or $884 million. Sales taxes are down overall $780 million or 8.0% of which the state portion is -$404 million or -7.6%. Motor fuel taxes are down collectively $126.8 million or -13.7%. Corporate income taxes are down $211 million or -26.7%.

The state has now used up about $300 million of the $562 million in the Shortfall Reserve Fund with a month to go.

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